Aun aprendo

Macy Hurwitz was born in Austin, Texas during that trying time in American history called the 80′s. She spent most of her young life singing metal tunes and chasing non-indigenous barnyard animals around her parents’ land in Sunset Valley.

After an unpromising adolescence, she attended St. Edward’s University and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in English Writing and Rhetoric. During her college career, Miss Hurwitz acquired an amazing music collection, a strong aversion to ice cream and a taste for fine bourbon.

Upon her graduation, she disappeared into Europe, emerging suddenly several months later jabbering like a Spanish native and chastizing others for their tardiness.

Following a short stint at a small-town newspaper, Miss Hurwitz relocated to Washington, DC to pursue a career in scarves, overcoats and global reporting. She claims that the people there made comments about her exceptional rear end on a daily basis, and, hey, who can blame them?

After several more years on the hamster wheel some call "journalism," she has taken her talents to the Capitol Complex. She spends her spare time reading, gardening, two stepping, riding horses, running, hiking, tending to her wacky menagerie, and attending as many rock shows as possible.
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